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Hi, my name is Monica.  I am a full time worker in the health field by day, and a part time sticker shop owner the rest of the time.  I love graphic design, and have recently (at the urging of my sister), discovered the wonders of a planner and decided to start designing, printing, and selling my own planner creations! Planning and using planner stickers has tremendously helped me get more organized and MOTIVATED to be organized (this is coming from someone who struggles quite a bit with organization!!!) .




I started my Etsy Shop in July of 2019. The name comes from a combination of my last name and the fact that I love to make and create graphic designs for print and the web.  By the end of 2019 I decided to branch out and create and sell my products through this website.  We are a small sticker company, as a matter of fact the "shop" also doubles as a guest bedroom.  I use photoshop, illustrator, and tons of color for my designs, high quality sticker paper and an Epson Inktank printer to print.

 I hope that you enjoy my creations and if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please reach out via the contact page. Have a great day!