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WK096 - Soiree - Gold Foiled Planner Sticker Kit

WK096 - Soiree - Gold Foiled Planner Sticker Kit

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This weekly kit is sized for standard 1.5 inch vertical planners but can also fit a variety of planner types.

Each sticker sheet in the this four page kit measures approximately 4.75" x 7".   The black areas on the digital images will be foiled. The functional boxes may be purchased separate.   Check out the full collection for more add-ons! 

The Full Kit includes the following 4 sheets:  

1 - Full Boxes 
2 - Boxes and Labels  (NO FOIL)
3 - Date covers and Washi 
4 - Headers, sidebar, habit trackers and layering objects

** All kits are printed on premium matte paper.**  Due to the nature of the foiling, there may be slight flaws in the foil application. **
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